CNC Machining 

Mazak Quick Turn 20

Mazak Quick Turn 20 HP

Mazak Multiplex 620 Mark II

Mazak Nexus 510C 

Mazak Nexus 700D/40 Mark II

Mazak Quick Turn 35

Mazak Nexus 510C Mark II

Mazak PFH 4800

Mazak HTC 400

Mazak Super Quick Turn 15 Mark II

Mazak Integrex 200 ST Mark IV

Mazak 200M (2)

Mazak Nexus 420C


Full climate controlled inspection laboratory

Hard gage up to 15" O.D.

CMM - D.C.C. Helmel Microstar with Renishaw PH10T Plus Head

Additional Services
gear shaper.jpg

Gear shaping

Internal pull broach

Small scale MIG and TIG welding

Production tapping